About Us

MYAGRI CONSULTING PLT was established in 2011 and registered in 2016. MYAGRI CONSULTING PLT is the owner of MYGARI DotComDotMy and MYAGRI CONSULTING brands. MYAGRI CONSULTING is a private agency that is the center for referring agricultural information to target groups such as entrepreneurs, agropreneurs, businessmen, researchers, lecturers, students and general public.

Besides helping to enrich the capabilities or tendencies of a company and also help customers to realize their potential capabilities in terms of system development or management of a farming industry and agro-based industry towards sustainability.

Our expertise are in the development of analytics, knowledge and skills discovery, and delivering accurate information to customers to enhance the value of relationships between customers and companies.

We provide analytical solutions as well as consultants in providing a new perspective, strategic decisions and producing measurable results for our customers.

We focus on controlling internal and external performance indicators that can affect the farming company.

We join our customers to understand their business goals and we create and implement analytical solutions so that they are in line with all their goals.

Our group consists of those trained with expertise, professional experience and high skill with a variety of conventional and modern agricultural techniques, statistics and data solutions.

We provide expert consultation services and analytical tools for customers in agriculture, livestock and agro-based industries.

In addition, accurate information is essential in the organization’s decision-making process and overall success, we can be the best choice for your company depending on your expectations.
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Become a major consultant in the field of agro-food


  • Be a supplier of agro-food inputs and equipment more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Become the center for referring agro-food information to target groups such as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, researchers, lecturers, students and general public.


  • Always conduct research and observations on the world’s agro-food scenario in producing effective and cost effective work processes.
  • Distribute advisory and training services in the form of information, knowledge and skills on proper agriculture practices to entrepreneurs so that they can produce good quality and cost effective crops.
  • Conduct studies on work processes, product development and marketing in the field of agro-food.